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Bumpers for Sherman S - Mark II

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Double side tape (3M)
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Introducing the Sherman S Bumpers – a vital accessory designed to safeguard the critical corners of your Sherman S. In the event of a crash or fall, these robust bumpers provide essential protection to the most vulnerable parts of the chassis, reducing the risk of damage. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, they not only offer a shield against impacts but also preserve the integrity and appearance of your unicycle. Ideal for riders who push the limits and seek extra peace of mind, these protectors are an indispensable addition to maintain your Sherman S in top condition.

Full set : 8 bumpers

Mark II

The bumpers have been updated to provide additional protection to the edges of the magnesium hull (the first four photos).


✚ Design in line with the original wheel design

✚ Covering the most exposed areas

✚ High impact resistance

✚ Good abrasion resistance


- Clean the surfaces with alcohol before installation

- Feel free to use the glue you want,

- Also works with scratch / velcro technique,

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