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Eco Stand® - MARK VI

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The Eco Stand® is an innovative storage solution designed for electric unicycles, boasting a universal fit that adapts to 95% of models on the market. This stand exemplifies durability and compatibility, serving as a long-term investment for EUC enthusiasts. Its ergonomic knurled heads enable better handling and adjustments, while the soft edges ensure a comfortable touch. A notable feature of the Eco Stand® is its enhanced sliding mechanism, making it smoother to operate. The stand has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating a weight resistance capacity of up to 180 kg, ensuring it can support even the heaviest of electric unicycles. The convenience of the Eco Stand® is further amplified by its design, allowing it to be adjustable in just a few seconds to fit various EUC models quickly. It is sold as a kit that users can assemble, providing an engaging DIY experience while ensuring that the stand can be easily set up for use.

Compatibility chart by size

S : mten series, KS-14D

StandardTesla, MCM, Nikola, MSX, MSP, RS, EX-N, Commander, Monster v3, V5, V5F, V8, V8F, V10, V10F, Sherman, Sherman Max, KS-16X, KS-18XL, KS-18L, KS-16B, KS-16S

XL : T4, KS-S18, V12, EX

XXLSherman S, S22, v11

🆕 Workshop Edition reaches 25 cm above the ground.

An Harmony Story...

When I fell into the electric unicycle trap, it was far from being the essential accessory I first thought of. Then one morning, you find yourself with two wheels, then three... without really understanding why, well, we do know why 😄. Anyway, the fact is that it turned into a real mess. Between the 16X resting on its sister the 18XL and the EX-N thrown off balance due to an asymmetric distribution of battery packs... I was far from the harmonious space I longed for in my small Parisian apartment. That's when the search for a wheel storage stand began. I needed a simple, space-saving, and durable solution to regain some tranquility. On the list were handmade wooden ones, 3D-printed ones, and those based on aluminum profiles. None were satisfactory. OK! 💪 In the absence of inventing the KonMarie method for wheels, I ended up creating what is today the Éco Stand®. The Éco Stand® is a stand with a sturdy and minimal frame that fits most wheels. Its mechanism for adapting to another wheel takes only a few seconds and requires no additional tools. The Éco Stand® is a must-have for any wheel enthusiast looking for a universal, minimal, and sturdy storage solution!

Alright, ready? 10 seconds on the clock! Go!

The Éco Stand® has the best compatibility in the market for stands. It accommodates both the smallest and the largest wheels thanks to its rail mechanism. Size becomes a mere detail.

Easy and quick, adapting to another wheel requires no tools and is done in a snap.

A sleek and optimal design

With its rail adjustment system, the Éco Stand® ensures that it is never wider than the wheel it holds—an important consideration in tight spaces.

Its aesthetic is understated, with no superflous elements, which does not diminish its capabilities in any way. Supplied as a kit, the stand can be fully operational in a maximum of 5 minutes thanks to its intuitive assembly.

Heavy stuff! Really heavy stuff!

Four columns held and stabilized together result in this robust structure. As illustrated in the photo opposite, the Éco Stand® supports more than a hundred kilograms:

  • Sherman > 35 kg
  • Wheeldalorian > 70 kg

Rest assured, your wheels will be well supported 😉

Handcrafted in France 🇫🇷

Guides and videos have been developed to assist you throughout the assembly, configuration, and use. 👌

Each unit is assembled and checked before being made available. This is the promise of receiving a functional object that lives up to what EUC Clubhouse aims to offer.

Note: 3D printing is a manufacturing process that can create some irregularities in appearance, which do not in any way diminish the effectiveness of the stand. The processes are continuously evolving to mitigate this and to provide the best possible result.

One more thing !

The latest improvement from exchanges with the community: a scale. Discreetly added under the rails, it will help you start on the right foot if you've followed the User Guide, which contains a register of settings adapted to each wheel. The scale can also be used by your guests to quickly find the right setting for their wheel.

  • Sherman S

  • WheelersPro - Sherman & RS19

  • Éco Stand® socles, dock, stand, support pour roues électriques, wheels, gyroroues du marché. Un investissement sur la durée!

    Laurent aka Stako - 18XL & MCM

    Vendeur très sympa et communicatif, les supports pour gyroroues sont excellents ( du travail de pro ) . je recommande sans réserves !!!

  • Wheeldalorian - V8F & Sherman

    Au top les stands! Mille merci ! Avec ça, mon chiot peut bousculer la sherman, pas de risque que ça lui tombe dessus 👍

  • Fred - RS19 HT

    Je kiff tout simplement 👍

  • Nicolas - Z10

  • Jordan - RS & 16X

  • Julien aka l'Enfant Raw - RS19 HT

  • Cédric - KS-S18

  • KS-16X

  • Christophe - Sherman

  • Olivier G.

  • L0dieux - Tesla

    Super boulot !!!
    1 - Le vendeur a pris le temps d’étudier ma demande
    2 - expédition rapide et soignée
    3 - montagne facile
    4 - objet pratique et indispensable aux wheelers À recommander !

  • Jocelyn

    Dans le prix j’ai tout payé
    - un vendeur Sérieux
    -un produit de qualité qui répond à ma problématique
    - un délai au top
    -un suivi et des conseils