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Lower Corner Bumpers for Begode RS

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Dual side tape roll (3M)

The Lower Corner Bumpers are a specialized accessory designed to fortify the lower corners of the electric unicycle shell. These areas are particularly vulnerable to impacts during rides, and the Lower Corner Bumpers provide crucial protection. Crafted with precision, they are ideal for safeguarding these exposed zones against potential damage, ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of your electric unicycle.

  • Targeted Protection: Specifically designed to shield the lower corners of the unicycle shell, areas most susceptible to impacts and scrapes.
  • Durable Material: Constructed from robust materials known for their impact resistance, these bumpers are built to absorb and dissipate forces from collisions.
  • Custom Fit Design: Tailored to seamlessly integrate with the contours of various electric unicycle models, ensuring a perfect fit and maintaining the sleek look of the unicycle.
  • Easy-to-Install: The bumpers are designed for straightforward installation, requiring minimal tools and time, making them user-friendly for all riders.

The Lower Corner Bumpers are an essential accessory for electric unicycle enthusiasts who prioritize the protection and maintenance of their ride. Offering a blend of targeted protection, durability, and design-conscious aesthetics, they are a must-have for ensuring the unicycle's lower edges remain unscathed in various riding conditions. With these bumpers, riders can confidently navigate both urban and off-road terrains, knowing their electric unicycles are well-protected.

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Pratique, le bumper avant peu également faire office de béquille d'appoint.

Adapté, les bumpers avant et arrière épousent les formes extérieures. L'utilisation de double face est recommandé.

Pensé pour l'impact, chaque bumper est fabriqué d'une matière dense et résistant aux impacts et à l'abrasion.

Enveloppant, les zones protégées sont celles les plus à risques.

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