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EUC Clubhouse

Custom Scratch Pattern for EUC

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In the dynamic world of electric unicycles (EUCs), every EUC featuring unique contours, visible screw heads, and distinctive designs, the need for tailored scratch solutions is paramount. The Custom Strong Self-Adhesive Scratch Protection is designed to meet this need. Its pre-cut, strong adhesive scratch patches are meticulously crafted to fit the specific dimensions and shapes of various EUC models. This product not only ensures a high level of compatibility with any powerpads but also preserves the aesthetic appeal of your EUC.

For any unlisted model, please submit a request via the contact form.

To ensure optimal application and longevity, follow these enhanced instructions carefully:

Surface Preparation

Thoroughly clean the surface of your EUC. Use a high-quality cleaner to remove all traces of dust, grease, and other contaminants. This step is crucial for ensuring that the adhesive bonds effectively to the surface.

Pre-Placement Organization

Before starting the application process, lay out all the elements on a clean surface. This allows for better visualization and planning of where each piece will be positioned on the EUC, ensuring a precise and aesthetically pleasing result.

Protective Strip Removal

Carefully remove the protective strip from each piece. Handle these pieces gently to avoid any damage or contamination to the adhesive side.

Adhesive Activation

Gently heat the sticky side of each protective element. This can be done using a hair dryer or a heat gun on a low setting. The heat activates the adhesive, enhancing its bonding strength. Be cautious to avoid overheating, which can damage both the adhesive and the protective material.


Once the adhesive is activated, apply each piece to the designated area on your EUC. Press firmly and evenly to ensure full contact between the adhesive and the surface of the EUC. Take your time to ensure that each piece is perfectly aligned with the contours of your EUC.

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