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Enhanced Block Pads for Patton

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Here are the Enhanced Block Pads for the Patton, the essential accessory for enhancing safety, comfort, and design.

Key points

✚ safety and control with wider pads (70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm)

✚ comfort, thanks to the smooth and shock-resistant Block pads.

✚ height adjustment flexibility, the block can be positioned lower than initially anticipated (2 additional notches : +10 mm lower approximately).

The Block Pads (soft) part has recently been reworked to offer more space for high shoes (e.g., motorcycle boots)

versatility, the Block pads (soft component) can be swapped with another size depending on your requirements.

 dual-material design, the Raptor bracket (hard component) is resistant to high temperatures, while the Block pads (soft component) is shock-absorbent.

Other assets

✚ Consistent operating system.

✚ Same price regardless of your preference.

✚ Option for color customization (soft component only).

Option Recommendations

The original jump block is 60 mm wider. The SF version (+10 mm) will provide a similar experience to the original. The ADV version (+20 mm) is the most versatile; if you initially felt that the jump blocks were too narrow, then this version is a suitable choice. Lastly, the ADV XL version (+30 mm) is tailored for riders who know exactly what they want.

By the way, there's also the option to purchase Block pads in various sizes.

Installation Caution ⚠️

Ensure to perform an initial tightening, test for a few meters, then conduct a second hand-tightening. Subsequently, regularly check the tightness.

ⓘ shown on photos 

  • LITE Series - ADV XL
  • Enhanced Block Pads - ADV (80 mm)

included: two Raptor Brackets (left and right) and two Block Pads (according to selected version // left and right)

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