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Enhanced Block Pads for Patton

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Here are the Enhanced Block Pads for the Patton, the essential Patton accessories for enhancing safety, comfort, and design.

Key points

✚ safety and control with wider pads (70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm)

✚ comfort, thanks to the smooth and shock-resistant Block pads.

✚ height adjustment flexibility, the block can be positioned lower than initially anticipated (2 additional notches : +10 mm lower approximately).

versatility, the Block pads (soft component) can be swapped with another size depending on your requirements.

 dual-material design, the Raptor bracket (hard component) is resistant to high temperatures, while the Block pads (soft component) is shock-absorbent.

Other assets

✚ Consistent operating system.

✚ Same price regardless of your preference.

✚ Option for color customization (soft component only).

Option Recommendations

The original jump block is 60 mm wider. The SF version (+10 mm) will provide a similar experience to the original. The ADV version (+20 mm) is the most versatile; if you initially felt that the jump blocks were too narrow, then this version is a suitable choice. Lastly, the ADV XL version (+30 mm) is tailored for riders who know exactly what they want.

By the way, there's also the option to purchase Block pads in various sizes.

Installation Caution ⚠️

Ensure to perform an initial tightening, test for a few meters, then conduct a second hand-tightening. Subsequently, regularly check the tightness.

📸 credit : @wheelerspro

ⓘ shown on photos 

  • LITE Series - ADV XL
  • Enhanced Block Pads - ADV (80 mm)

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