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Side Mount Plates for Begode RS

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The Side Mount Plates for Begode RS are innovatively designed accessories created to enhance the functionality and safety of the Begode RS series electric unicycles. These plates provide a flat surface ideal for attaching power pads, while also offering additional protection for the unicycle's speakers and beeper. Their design ensures easy access to the shell's disassembly screws, making maintenance straightforward without the need to remove the plates.

  • Easy Installation: The plates are engineered for simple, user-friendly installation, allowing riders to attach them quickly without specialized tools.
  • Power Pad Compatibility: Designed to offer a flat, stable surface for mounting power pads, enhancing rider control and comfort.
  • Unobstructed Access to Shell Screws: Thoughtfully positioned to allow easy access to the unicycle's shell screws, facilitating hassle-free maintenance and upgrades.
  • Speaker and Beeper Protection: These plates provide an extra layer of protection for the unicycle's speakers and beeper, safeguarding these components from impact and debris.
  • Custom Fit for Begode RS: Tailored to fit the unique design of the Begode RS series, ensuring a seamless and attractive addition to the unicycle.

The Side Mount Plates for Begode RS are an excellent choice for riders looking to optimize their electric unicycle's performance and protection. These plates not only facilitate the use of power pads but also contribute to the overall safety and longevity of the unicycle, all while maintaining easy access for maintenance.

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