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Rear Bumper for Begode RS

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Dual side tape roll (3M)

The Rear Bumper for Begode RS is a high-quality, custom-designed accessory for the Begode RS series of electric unicycles. Offering superior rear-end protection, this bumper ensures the safety and integrity of your EUC across various riding conditions, while preserving the dynamic aesthetics of the unicycle. Uniquely, it integrates seamlessly with an optional mudguard, thanks to quick-attach features, making it a perfect complement for riders seeking both protection and practicality.

  • Robust Construction: Crafted from durable, impact-resistant materials, this bumper effectively absorbs shocks and prevents damage from impacts and accidental drops.

  • Tailored Design for Begode RS: Specifically shaped to fit the contours of the Begode RS series, ensuring a snug and secure fit that enhances the unicycle's design.

  • Easy Installation: Can be installed quickly and easily, requiring no special tools or extensive modifications to the EUC.

  • Compatibility with Official Begode Mudguards: The bumper is compatible with various forms of official Begode mudguards, accommodating different styles and providing versatile protection options.

  • Compatibility with Optional Mudguard: Designed with quick-attach points for an optional mudguard, offering enhanced versatility and protection against splashes and debris.

  • Environmental Resilience: Built to withstand elements like rain, mud, and dust, ensuring long-term durability and protection.

  • Strategic Impact Absorption: Features strategically placed impact zones that efficiently disperse force, providing optimal rear-end protection.

The Rear Bumper for Begode RS is an essential accessory for Begode RS series riders. It not only provides robust protection and a sleek design but also offers enhanced functionality with its compatibility with an optional mudguard and various official Begode mudguards. This rear bumper is engineered to elevate your riding experience, ensuring your electric unicycle remains safeguarded and stylish, whether you're navigating urban streets or exploring rugged terrains.

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Pratique, le bumper avant peu également faire office de béquille d'appoint.

Adapté, les bumpers avant et arrière épousent les formes extérieures. L'utilisation de double face est recommandé.

Pensé pour l'impact, chaque bumper est fabriqué d'une matière dense et résistant aux impacts et à l'abrasion.

Enveloppant, les zones protégées sont celles les plus à risques.

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