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Kickstand Mark II for Begode T4

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Loop mudguard (recommended)

The rear kickstand for Begode T4 is a very convenient add-on for your beloved EUC. It keeps the front oriented towards the sky, showing how beautiful your T4 is.

The design has been thought to decrease the risk of hitting the ground during the shock compression phase. It also plays the role of attachment anchor for the mudguard (recommended option on T4).

The material density keeps the whole subject stiff and is more than enough for daily usage.
Let's be clear this formula isn't suitable for crash scenarios. It can decrease damages on the EUC, but it's not its purpose.

The mudguard is an durable sheet of plastic which is attached to the kickstand. The loop design is very efficient and reminds classic motor bike mudguard.

  • Mudguard GOAT attach system is improved: holes on kickstand make the integration better.
  • Rear part is TPU made to improve durability and experience.

⚠️ Make sure that the four little holes (two on each side) are located at the rear and not at the front of the EUC. Otherwise, contact us for "wrong way" version

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