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EUC Clubhouse

Side plates for Patton

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Precut LOOP Scratch (150cm)

Here are the Side plates for the Patton, the essential Patton accessories to be able using the Power pads you want.

Flat surface

Everything has been carefully considered to provide a flat surface to accommodate the power pads you desire, all without compromising the sturdiness of the Patton with its front and rear bumpers. Even flat-headed screws (x8) have been included to replace the original ones, thereby increasing the available surface area.

Rounded top edge

The upper side of the Patton's chassis can be hurtful during rides and could potentially lead to injuries. That's why this item features a rounded design on its upper edge. This way, the enjoyment of riding remains intact.

A thoughtfully designed

To facilitate maintenance, access to screws has been included.


ⓘ loop scratch is not included, please find them here :

ⓘ double side tape is pre-installed (EUC side).

Pads recommendations

ADV XL form Lite Series (


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