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Side panels and Front kickstand-bumper for Begode T4 - Mark II

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Side panels color
Front kickstand-bumper color

Side panels and Front kickstand-bumper for Begode T4

  • set any powerpads you want (power pads shown are not included).
  • soft to absord shocks
  • protect the bottom part of battery packs
  • all edges rounded for comfort
  • MARK II ➡️ top edges are very rounded to fit with the body natural curves
  • includes kickstand-front bumper
  • holes on  kickstand-front bumper improving air flow.
  • no brand style
  • light (1,3 kg vs 2 kg for others)
  • all screws are stainless steel
  • ready to set with double tape

Efficient, the side panels have been design to host any third-party powerpads. This way you will always feel like at home. All visible cables are hidden and protected.

Comfortable, on the side panels, all edges have been rounded. An important detail to fit your calves without hurting them - a real benefit.

Moreover, the added thickness has been defined to avoid an excessive widening of the legs position. Who want to ride like a cow-boy..

Lighter, compare to others market solutions approching the 2 kg, the whole Adventure Pack weighs only 1,3 kg without compromising its effectiveness.

Design, we keep a refine style with no ugly brand on every blank spaces and we aim reflecting the adventure vibes. An invitation to discover off-road paths and follow the nature's call, because it's overthere we feel the most alive.

Installation order recommandations

  1. install shock sock
  2. install rear handle-bumper
  3. install side panels with front bumper-kickstand

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